Free Delivery | จัดส่งฟรีทั่วประเทศ |Cash-on-Delivery | ชำระเงินเมื่อได้รับสินค้า

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What payment methods are available?
Cash-on-delivery (COD) AVAILABLE IN THAILAND ONLY: a delivery agent will contact you to make a delivery appointment. 

Pay cash when the product arrives. all transactions are completed when goods are received with a signature. In the case of a missed delivery appointment, please contact the delivery agency.
Credit /debit card: TowRai accepts Visa and MasterCard through our Business Paypal Express. note: for debit cards, please make sure your card supports online shopping.

Common declined payment reasons and solutions:
  • the account doesn't have sufficient funds.
    : check your bank account to make sure it has enough, then try again. 
  • the name of the account owner doesn't match the information you provided. 
    : Update your billing information with the correct details.
  • the issuing bank doesn't allow using the bank account for online or international transactions. 
    : Contact your bank to allow these types of transactions, then start again.
  • the bank account doesn't exist anymore. 
    : update your billing information with a different bank account or credit card.
  • there are a limited number of transactions 
    : Please contact your Bank.